5 Simple Steps to Helping Your Body Lose The Weight That is No Longer Serving You

5 Simple Steps to Helping Your Body Lose The Weight That is No Longer Serving You


If you are unable to lose weight even though you are pounding the gym every day, please have an honest look at what you are eating. If you are experiencing the any of the 12 Symptoms that you are in toxic overload, then you need to give your body a rest. For 7 Days, cut out:


And give your body a change to detoxify and reset itself. If you cant do that on your own, think about coming to my 3 Day Yoga + Detox + Self Care Retreat at the Wharf House, November 23-26th. I will show you exactly how to do this with all the love and support you need.



Believe me, I did every diet in the book growing up….none of them worked. I’d drop the weight, feel good for a while, then put it all back and more. It was not until I started to eat a Plant Based Diet, following the 80-10-10 Rule, and doing my daily Hour of Power, that my weight shifted and stayed off. What you need to cultivate is a Lifestyle of Health and Happiness that works for you! When you put High Vitality, Organic as possible food and beverages into your body, your body loves you back by shedding the pounds. You don’t have to Eat Less, You Just have to Eat Right. If you want to learn how to make simple, delicious High Vitality Foods for your self and your family, then come to my One Day High Vitality Cooking Workshop in Kingston October 27th and Montego Bay, November 27th. I don’t just give your recipes; I teach you WHY eating this way will change your life. If you cant come, be sure to send the person in your house who cooks for you!



Most of us are not sleeping well. I know this. When I am out of balance, the first indicator is I’m tossing and turning at night. When we don’t rest, the body does not have time to restore and reset its self. Sleeping rebalances the chemicals in your brain, helps with lean muscle growth, improves energy levels during the day, and decreases stress levels. If you are having a hard time falling asleep at night, try taking a relaxing Epsom Salts Bath and doing my 10 Minute Meditation before bed. It really works!!



Many of you know I owned a Yoga and Fitness Center in Kingston called Shakti Mind Body Fitness. I wish I knew then what I know NOW about developing a healthy lifestyle…. I could have helped so many more people. I used to see so many people doing 2 or 3 classes a day, but never able to loose weight. It was always such a struggle! In those days, I too used to think more is better and would often do 2 classes a day, no matter how tired I was. Today, I do one hour a day of exercise, followed by deep stretching and meditation. I also take rest days to allow my body to recuperate and some days I move my body, but in a more gentle way. I’ve learned to stop fighting my body into perfection but loving it as it is. Develop and Hour each day, just for you, that works for you. If you are hating what you are doing, it will never work!!



Yes, no one else is going to do it for you, I promise, so stop dreaming. Learn to practice Radical Self Care. Taking time in nauture, meditate, take a long bath, extract yourself from negitive people and situatuins that drain your energy. Learn to say no. This my friend, is a game changer.

So as we move into the last quarter of 2017, I ask you to take a moment to assess how you are doing. What can you change, let go of or incorporate into your life that will help you to finish strong and set the stage for a successful 2018?

If you need some time out to do this, please join me on my Thanksgiving Yoga + Detox + Self Care Retreat November 23-26th at the gorgeous Wharf House. I still have a few spots left open for you. Or, do something wonderful for you or the person who works for you and come to my One Day High Vitality Cooking Workshop. And if you are just needing an escape, join me at SEJA, the annual Spinning Escape in Negril, where Ill be offering a Workshop called Riding the Wave Of Menopause and 2 Yoga Classes that you will love!


Please share this article with anyone you know needs it and please leave any comments in the blog below. I so love hearing from you!

Live Love,




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