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Journey Through the 7 Chakras A FREE Yoga Summer Series with Sharon Feanny

Join me for this fun, invigorating series of 7 FREE yoga classes designed to work through the 7 energy centers of the body (chakras) to help you:  

• Try yoga in the privacy of your own home OR get new inspiration for your existing practice • Release stress, anxiety and negativity – and feel like your BEST self again • Detox your body with Kundalini-inspired yoga & breathing techniques • Clear your mind and develop laser focus to help you achieve your goals • Activate your life force and experience more free-flowing energy & vitality • Experience the healing benefits of deep relaxation & meditation (even if you’ve never meditated before!)  

Each class will consist of 45 minutes of yoga and breathing practices, followed by a 15-minute deep relaxation + meditation.  

This series is appropriate for ALL levels.  

Classes will take place LIVE on Wednesdays beginning July 18th at 4:00 pm Pacific / 6:00 pm Central / 7:00 pm Eastern. (Note: The week of August 1st, class will be on Monday, July 30th instead of Wednesday due to Jamaica's National Holiday. We will resume the Wednesday schedule on August 8th).  

Don't Worry! If you sign up late or miss a session, you will receive the class recordings sent directly to your email. .

Here's what I'll be teaching...

Class #1: Root Chakra  

Clearing Blocks & Building a Strong Foundation  

  Class #2: Sacral Chakra  

Spark Creativity & Find Balance in Your Life  

Class #3: Solar Plexus Chakra  

Ignite Self-Confidence & Build Willpower

Class #4: Heart Chakra  

Let Go of Unforgiveness & Open Your Heart  

Class #5: Throat Chakra  

Find Your Voice & Speak Your Truth  


Class #6: Third Eye Chakra Access Intuition & Trust Your Inner Wisdom  

Class #7: Crown Chakra  

Connect to the Divine & Receive Guidance on Your Journey  

About Your Guide  

  Twenty years ago, after becoming a certified Yoga Instructor, I returned to Jamaica, the land of my birth with a vision to bring the gift of Yoga to the island. Today, I have not only been credited with bringing Yoga to Jamaica, but in spreading the message of health and happiness through my Transformational Live Fit Detox Programs, innovative Yoga classes that range from my signature Shakti Vinyasa Flow to my cutting edge, Live Fit Yoga (a combination of Kundalini Yoga with High Intensity Interval Training), Yoga Retreats, High Vitality Cookbook and Cooking Workshops, Aromatherapy Products, and a Yoga DVD.  

Praise for Sharon Feanny

I have practiced yoga for over 10 years now, tried many styles and lots of teachers, there is something about Sharon’s classes that just makes me stick to the practice, her knowledge, her energy, her wisdom... she guides you beautifully to become a better version of yourself on and off the mat, with her you can experience “the whole nine yards”, asanas, pranayama, meditation, nutrition... I have no words to express how grateful I am to have her in my path! ~ Rebecca  

Maybe 10 years ago, suffering with arthritis pain radiating from back surgery in the 90’s I decided to try yoga with Sharon who had just moved to Montego Bay. I had long decided the pain was for life but I could do with yoga balance in my life. After a month the pain disappeared and has not returned. Her classes are a great balance of physical development and calming if the mind. I leave classes refreshed, reinvigorated and less fear of ageing process and losing balance and movement of my joints. Did I mention I am an airline manager in a high stress job both external and internal customers? Without her yoga classes I would not have delivered elevated service. ~ Yvonne  

I walk out of yoga class with a peaceful sense of ease and confidence. There is something special about taking a class with Sharon, she has a contagious energy that is alive and uplifting. Sharon has a clever way of making me step out of my comfort zone, allowing me to realize my potential and overcome my fears. Her encouragement is sincere and motivating and her classes are fun and challenging. I’m always learning something new from Sharon as she continues to share her knowledge with the world. Whether it’s about the physical practice, spiritual practice, or healthier eating habits, Sharon has something to share. Thank you Shar, for being an inspirational teacher. ~ Veena 

As a fitness instructor I absolutely love doing Sharon’s Live Fit Yoga! I find her classes challenging at times but liberating more than anything else. The breathing exercises are such a great way of relieving any tension or stress that I’ve built up in my body. I enjoy her vibrant energy and find that it is contagious. I appreciate all the breathing, twisting, sweating, flowing and stillness/peace I gain. Thank you Sharon Feanny for the light within that you continue to share with me in your amazing classes! 💜 Live love, live life, live fit! ~Trudy