Live Fit with Sharon

"Living Fit means being in balance and feeling full of energy, vitality, health and happiness. Your body is a temporary home for your Soul and it’s the only one you have, so love it and treat it respect. Move your body the way nature intended, eat a plant-based diet, rest, practice self-care, take time in nature, honor Mother Earth and most of all be in Gratitude!"



I have been a certified Yoga Instructor since 1995, and yoga is a HUGE part of the success of my detox programs. I truly believe that the practice of yoga gives you both the inner and outer strength to live the life you truly want.

I specially designed LIVE FIT YOGA™ to help to accelerate the detox process.

Join me in Montego Bay for Yoga at the Body Shop!

Practice in your own time, at your own pace, with my Yoga DVD!