Live Love with Sharon

"Living Love means truly living and accepting your self exactly as you are! When you do that, you can love and accept everyone in your life and your world is just a better place. Living Love means to be grateful for every single moment of your life that has lead you up to this moment right NOW, and to simply just Be LOVE!"


The Jamaica Yoga Association (JAYA)

JAYA logoThe day I became a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher in 1995, my intention was to bring Yoga to Jamaica. There were very few people who even knew what Yoga was on the island, and many were very suspicious of it. In my heart, I knew that the more people doing Yoga, the more healthy, happy and peaceful my country would be. I’ve dedicated the last 21 years of my life to making that dream come true and I am so proud to say that Yoga can be found in almost every community in Jamaica. Through Shakti Mind Body Fitness, we developed a strong Yoga Community and trained many teachers who are spreading the message of love though Yoga. I’m also a proud founding member of The Jamaica Yoga Association (JAYA) aims to bring awareness to the practice of yoga, as well as spread the benefits of yoga by making yoga more accessible to the wider community across Jamaica.

Our mission is to develop an active partnership with like-minded individuals, health and medical professionals by promoting yoga as a vehicle for total well being. JAYA believes that through our volunteer efforts, we will drive and support community based health initiatives and use the practice of Yoga to transform the lives and potential of Jamaicans on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Each week we take Yoga to the people by giving donation bases classes in our parks and community centers. Please spread the love by becoming a member so that we can continue to bring Yoga to everyone.