Dry Brush


Apart from being a super effective Detox Tool, some of the many benefits of Dry Brushing are:
– To slough off dead skin and help new skin regenerate!
– Tightening the skin (because of the increased circulation)
– Draining the lymphatic system
– Increase circulation to the skin, speeding up the detox of metabolic waste
– Helps to break up cellulite
– Helps to increase the production of oil keeping the skin supple and healthy!
– Helps to stimulate the digestive system (so brush your belly from the right side, across and down to the left side).
– After Dry brushing try rubbing your body with my 100% Pure Cold Pressed Jamaican Coconut Oil and watch your skin smile!! .

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Dry Brush Massage is one of my favourtie Self Care tools that I do every single day!! Did you know the Skin is the largest organ in the body and re-news itself every 28 days?

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